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Cyberpark Kozhikode: A self sustaining city set to boom

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Cyberpark Kozhikode: A self sustaining city set to boom
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By Binu Pazhoor, CEO, Cyberpark

2010 - in Review

In 2010, Cyberpark received Rs. 17.5 Crores as funding from the government, which represents a considerable increase from the Rs. 10 Crores received in 2009. The largest portion of this fund will be used to setup infrastructure within in the park such as 6 Lane access road, dedicated electrical substation, Rain water harvesting, waste water treatment and recycling, sewage treatment etc. Up to the end of 2010, Cyberpark has been focusing on completing the land acquisition, finalizing the master plan for the park, finalizing the design of the initial buildings etc.

Among the years notable developments are the approval of SEZ for the 25 acres of land, acquisition of 31 acres of land from a total of 43 acres, attaining Single Window Clearance etc.  Currently 92 % of the land needed for the park has been acquired and the balance land is expected to be ready by Feb, 2011.

A base for business to grow

The contribution from the lease of land is expected to be over Rs. 100 Crores in 2011. In terms of office space, Cyberpark will have close to 3 m sq ft of finished space available for investors which will be a 100% growth from 2010. Cyberpark is expecting to have a total floor area of 200,000 sq ft by the end of 2011. The next four years are expected to see another 2 million sq ft of office space come on stream.

Among the new enterprise buildings that will be coming up in Cyberpark in 2011 are the Common Facilities Centre and the IT Building which will add 10,000 sq ft and 170,000 sq ft of office space respectively. The common facility centre is nearing the initiation of construction activities, while the work for the IT Building will be starting by March 2011. While the common facility centre is scheduled to be fully ready by June 2011, the IT Building will be ready by late 2011, early 2012. The centres aim to enable more local technology start-ups to benefit from the resources, networking and support offered by Cyberpark, through its Resource Support and service centre while enjoying affordable rents in a conducive and comprehensive business cluster.

Tenants of the first IT Building are expected to be able to move in by late 2011 and will be offered the flexibility to design their own customized space and layouts to suit their business needs. Besides providing office space for SME’s, Cyberpark will play host to major players including global multinationals, who will be able to setup regional operations for global communications, outsourcing, data management, and technology development.

Other innovative enterprise developments are expected to emerge from Cyberpark, which will include Residential buildings, commercial buildings, recreational and hospitality services which will offer around 200,000 sq ft of finished space.

A thriving township

As Kozhikode is maturing as the nation’s premier information technology hub, Cyberpark is taking proactive approach in attracting major developers to make the city the next major destination to live, work, study and retire. With easy access to Bangalore, Kochi, Mangalore, Mysore and its environs, a thriving commercial, business  and IT scene, as well as a comprehensive community calendar and amenities,  Cyberpark is projecting 30,000 permanent residents by 2014.

Between 2011 and 2014, several developers will build a number of units of various property types in Kozhikode. This will include apartments, landed properties, small office home offices, schools, hospitals, shopping malls and town houses.

Hilite is developing high rise apartment buildings, 2 storey bungalows, retail stores, shopping malls etc.  This will include hilite hills, metromax and spring dale, a township of super link houses, town houses and town villas. Some of the completed projects by hilite include hilite cliff dale, hilite manor, hililte park view, hilite harmony and Focus mall.  Other key players include Alhind, Landmark etc.

In terms of commercial development in Kozhikode, the shop offices and residential units and service apartments are also experiencing good demand. The Kalyan Silks, Jayalakshmy Silks that opened its door in 2010 is yet another sign of growing demand from the city.

Aggressive Future growth

The attraction of Kozhikode has been growing, especially among the residential and commercial developers seeking opportunities in the greater Kozhikode area.  With more than Rs. 2000 Crores of investment projected for 2011 to 2014 via the development of enterprise, commercial, institutional and residential developments, the cumulative investment projected by Kozhikode since 2008 is projected to reach Rs. 10,000 Crores by 2014.

The majority of the developments outside Cyberpark will be in residential developments which will be followed by enterprise, commercial and institutional investments, and a solid indicator that Kozhikode has already started its major page of aggressive growth. 

A thriving community

Kozhikode’s reputation as a knowledge centre and learning destination is supported by the presence of tertiary educational institutions such as the Indian Institute of Management (IIM), National Institute of Technology (NIT), College of Engineering etc. Mean while the international school Sadhbhavana, which was opened in 2010 will cater for pupils aged 4 to 14.

There are currently over 70 restaurants serving local and international cuisine to the diverse community in Kozhikode, with Paragon, Taj Gateway, Kadavu Resort, Hyson Heritage, seven seas, Dominos, Chik King Square the current favourites among the residential, business and student population.

As further development take shape, the growing population of Cyberpark will fully enjoy Kozhikode as a place to live, study, work and play with the availability of more amenities that befits the international community.  

Developing Human Capital

True to its focus on developing the State’s ICT, multimedia and innovation industries, Kozhikode is home to a number of skilled resources which includes an even spread of professional, technical, non technical population. Cyberpark will play a key role in nurturing ICT capability and entrepreneurship among the next generation of Kerala’s ICT talents in collaboration with the major players in the industry.

Knowledge and technology based employers in Cyberpark can send their staff to IIITM, Trivandrum, which will be the Nation’s premiere centre for Post graduate ICT training besides being a venue for seminars and educational activities for working professionals.
In collaboration with School of Business NIT, and IIM, Cyberpark will also hold a “hand holding” service to SME’s in its Resource Support Service Centre which will add value to its SME Technopreneur Centre cluster.

Local graduates from Kozhikode and neighbouring areas will also benefit from Cyberpark’s Graduate Attachment and Training (CGREAT) program, which will help to attract, develop and retain talents as part of the state’s effort to intensify human capital development.  Interns will be trained in soft skills, given on the job training and even receive placements from companies operating from the park.

Further the “Talent Pool Database” hosted by the Kerala IT will also serve as a platform for skilled resources and fresh graduate to connect with potential employers from the state and vice versa. 

Innovative local platform from global audience

The government has called for collaboration between the public and private sectors to propel the State forward into a high income and developed economy through key strategies such as developing the ICT and creative content industries.  In line with the government aspirations, that Kerala IT has created a platform called “Networking with Kerala”, an online portal that will enable service providers from the state to publish their capabilities, to the international community.

This innovative new platform aims to connect the service providers operating from the state to the clients and investors around the globe, thus enabling the growth of local companies while maintaining its marketing and advertising expenses.
Besides being the first IT park in the region, Cyberpark is focused on thinking outside the box and creating an environment for an innovative growth, as Kozhikode has on its doorstep a pool of young talented resources ready to develop and showcase their creativity via Cyberpark.  

Supporting the nation’s economic growth

Cyberpark’s vision closely echoes the four major thrusts identified by the national economic advisory council, which is talent development, the creation of research and development eco system, provision of growth infrastructure and institutional development.

 Through Kozhikode’s efforts, Cyberpark is practically a microcosm of these aspirations as we nurture entrepreneurship through its holistic ecosystem of multinational corporations and Cyberpark nurtured local knowledge based SME’s, providing a globally competitive ICT infrastructure within a sustainable and liveable cyber city which also functions as a one-stop centre for innovation and creativity in products and services.

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