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Kerala Vijnanakosam and Sarvavijnanakosam logs onto cyber space


Tvm: The first phase of an online encyclopaedia on the State, ‘Kerala Vijnanakosam’ and a Knowledge Web Repository by the State Institute of Institute of Encyclopaedic Publications (SIEP) was launched last week. SIEP is a cultural institution functioning under the Department of Cultural Affairs, Government of Kerala with the objective of disseminating knowledge to the people of Kerala in their pursuit of learning and is best known for its authoritative encyclopaedias.

Chief Minister Shri Oommen Chandy inaugurated the work on the ‘Knowledge Web Repository’ and Minister for Cultural Affairs, Shri K C Joseph launched the online Kerala Vijnanakosam at a function in Thiruvananthapuram. The online edition of Kerala Vijnanakosam can be accessed at and Sarvavijnanakosam at

The Knowledge Web Repository project, approved by the Department of Information Technology, Government of India, involves the development of a content management software and a digital object identifier. The research project is expected to be completed by November 2012. The font conversion, image compression, etc. needed for the web edition is done by Kudumbasree with the technical support from SPACE. Once completed, the SIEP expects it to be the first of its kind in the country and a useful development for repositories in other Indian languages. Although a Unicode exists for Indian languages, there is no common standard for collecting content in these languages on the web or handling meta-data related to them. SIEP hopes to achieve this with its project.

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